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Evolution‘ is a keyword in all of my marketing strategies. Society is constantly changing; companies should follow in order to maintain the market equation. It’s simple but not easy: one must look in the right direction.

I work as the Strategic Planning Director at the LATAM digital agency e2-361, and also as Planner at IG and Say Yes Because. I am the CEO and Planner at the international advertising agency #replanning marketing. Combined with my work with agencies, brands and companies, I am specialized in applied education and I impart Strategy, Marketing and Innovation & Online Media courses. I am a co-organizer and speaker at the event Adictos Social Media.

We have been taught to excel in a world that no longer exists. So I do not try to look at where society is, but at where it’s going.


+ Change-oriented strategic planning.
+ Connector between creativity, society and business.
+ Coordination of multidisciplinary teams of internal and external work.
+ Planning and management of projects and campaigns.
+ Social Media planning.
+ Educated in Advertising and Marketing, adapting continuously to the continuous change.
+ Empathy, rigor and dynamism.



LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/alexrbn/en



Speakings / Advisor / Planning / Digital

Spain / South America / UK

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